The Transformation

From fintech rebel

To new global finance leader, pioneering a new category of life-enhancing banking

The Challenge

In 2019 N26 was at an inflection point. The ‘rebel neo-bank’ position had powered adoption among innovators and early adopters, but was constraining long term potential. In 2019-2020, 21CB partnered with N26 to create the brand blueprint, rollout program and value proposition to power their evolution from a rebel fintech to a new global finance leader.

A new purpose

Working with the founders and executive team, we developed a new company purpose: ‘Giving people the power to live and bank their way.’ This channelled the company’s lifestyle orientation and beautifully simple UI into a powerful narrative and commitment to creating a unique brand of ‘life-enhancing’ banking. We then conducted immersion workshops with over 100 executives and created a series of tools to help them embed the work in their daily decision-making and innovation planning.

The brand blueprint

In 2020 we then partnered with the VP of Brand to create a new value proposition, messaging framework and ‘brand action briefs’ to power the global 2020 GTM. The work has powered product innovation, a series of purpose-driven ‘brand actions’, culminating in the bank adding another
3M European customers in just 12 months.

Cultural impact

Since launching the new purpose, N26 launched an iconic new ‘You’ve got the Since launching the new purpose, N26 developed an iconic campaign called ‘You’ve got the power.’ This global brand campaign showcased their commitment to inclusive banking with the release of innovative experiences. For example, they launched ‘Balance the Banknotes’, an AR initiative intended to address the enduring gender imbalance in finance.

Perks and partnerships

The new ‘life enhancing banking’ positioning has inspired a series of brand partnerships including Headspace & Tinder. The launch of a new ‘perks’ rewards scheme ensures that the banks’ subscription products really do give users the power to live and bank their way.

A new positioning, new products

Evolved mission inspired the launch of the new personalized ‘N26 You’ card proposition in Q3 2019. ‘You’ is now N26’s leading premium customer proposition.  And a breakthrough ‘Split the Bill’ product innovation shipped in 2021 allows greater flexibility to help people bank and live their way. 


New customers added in the 
18 months following the 21CB BBP
Increase in valuation from 
Q2 2019 to Q3 2021
Vaulation at series e round

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