We are what we preach

Who we are

We are a purposeful growth consultancy operating out of San Francisco and London, with global reach. The founding team, led by Jonathan Mildenhall and Neil Barrie, came together while building Airbnb into the most influential travel brand in the world and realized that the leading brands of the 21st century needed a new playbook. 

Today, the firm has carved out a reputation as the go-to-partner for building the most influential brands in the world such as Pinterest, Peloton, LinkedIn, Zalando, Walmart, Mars, and many more.

What we do

TwentyFirstCenturyBrand is the purposeful growth consultancy. We combine the creativity of a creative agency, the rigor of a management consultancy, and the empathy of a trusted coach to help brands scale and succeed.

Our difference stems from our people and process. Together, this enables us to work with founders and C-suite leaders of the world’s most innovative companies to build the most influential brands of our time.

How we work

One of our cornerstone values is to “ambush with humanity.” This means our process is open and hyper collaborative. We go deep inside the company and work closely with cross discipline leadership teams in one-on-one and workshop situations. We carefully and intentionally facilitate conversations where leaders feel safe to discuss the undiscussable. 

What we deliver

TwentyFirstCenturyBrand believes that the brand is the foundation upon which any company stands. Our services cover the entire brand journey. All our services are designed for X-company impact.


Brand Blueprint


Articulates what the brand aspires to stand for in the hearts and minds of consumers and its communities with clear actions to deploy the strategy.


A foundational reference to help everyone make faster decisions that consistently deliver on the brand.



A playbook that activates the purpose across key touchpoints and into company processes and products; through tools, frameworks and starter creative ideas that help teams generate purpose-led actions and deliver the strategy day to day.


Embedding the new brand strategy requires a playbook for teams to follow.

Marketing Transformation


Building the capabilities to drive transformation at scale. A deliberate set of actions designed to embed the vision, BBP and Playbook into the ‘operating system’ of the organization.


Change cannot be delivered by leaders alone. The organization needs to be inspired and equipped to make it.

What we believe

We’ve built some of the world’s best brands from inside out. We believe we have been able to do this because of our values.

Ambush with Humanity

We go out of our way to create a safe space for people to be vulnerable, creative and challenging. To be themselves, not who they think they ‘should’ be. 

Diversity in Harmony

We embrace all forms of diversity from ethnicity to experience. The process of building harmony can be messy but the results are powerful and more than worth it. 

Commercial Creativity

We see creativity as a mindset not a discipline. The art is in using it to create real value, with the entire company as our canvas.

Purposeful Growth

Commerce is predicated on growth, but not all that grows is good. We pursue growth that is sustainable for people, the planet, and profit.

We believe that our advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion starts at home, which is why we are a majority-minority owned company with a diverse global team. 

And we continuously evaluate and cultivate the conditions for inclusion within our organization because this work is never done. We believe this is crucial to being a twenty first century brand.

This is why we partner with advocacy groups, including London-based Colorintech, Unstereotype Alliance, and All-Rise, an environmental legal activist collective. We are also part of the Brixton Finishing School. And our global VC network continues to expand as we help start-ups and investors reimagine the role of brand in purposeful growth. Our roster includes TCV, SV Angel, TideMark, Future Positive, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, Balderton, and Goodwater Capital.

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re looking to work with us: talent@21cb.com

If you’re a client: hello@21cb.com

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