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The four pillars of an iconic 21st century brand


Ensuring their scale is ultimately to the benefit of the communities they serve.


With aligned incentives across customers, investors & employees.


By a world-class data-driven product that scales globally and connects emotionally.


To unify all stakeholders with one shared story across all touch points.

Our pioneering clients

2.5 years in the making…

A Colourful View From The Top is a collection of 21 extraordinary stories of leaders of colour achieving excellence in business. We published the book in March 2022 in partnership with Pulitzer prize-winning publishers Little, Brown. Curated by our co-founder and Chair Jonathan Mildenhall, the book’s mission is to inspire the next generation of leaders to dream bigger than they ever thought possible.

We raised over £60,000 which funded the distribution of 2,100 copies of the book to schools and students in priority National Literacy Trust Hub areas in England, Scotland, and Wales.