The Transformation

From a progressive Gen-Z marketplace

To reshaping the industry by buildIng the world’s most diverse, progressive home of fashion

The Challenge

In late 2020, 21CB worked with Depop to define a brand positioning and compelling emotional narrative to architect the next global chapter for the Depop brand. The core insight was that Depop is not a ‘platform’ for its users, it is a place – a place to hang out and bring your full self. Therefore, Depop’s ultimate purpose is to build not a house of fashion, but the world’s most diverse progressive home of fashion. A radically more inclusive, sustainable model with millions of creative directors across the world where nothing is new, but everything is fresh.

The collaboration

In 2021, 21CB worked with Depop to embed this new global positioning. We developed a case for building a brand centrally and unlocking investment. Then we co-developed a playbook with cross-functional teams to resolve tensions and define common tools and principles to embed the mission across Depop. The work has been described as ‘a game changer for how Depop operates’, and reinforces Depop as the go-to fashion destination for a new generation of consumers. 

Marketing & cultural impact

A key shift was to get Depop creating for a shared audience mindset, rather than just a specific, progressive Gen-Z demographic, opening up growth with a wider, mass audience. 

A new leader in sustainable fashion

An evolved mission has inspired a new sustainability vision for the future to reshape fashion consumption. “We believe in a new fashion system that’s actively kind, respectful and responsible. Where nothing is new but everything is new and where creating a better future for fashion and ourselves is a shared goal, not just for Depop, but for everyone. Our plan is the first step towards that future, and Depop becoming the world’s most diverse and progressive home of fashion.” – Maria Raga, CEO Depop. 

“When you are in the middle of the battle it is hard to see things so clearly. But now, the mission, the goal and the pillars feel so tight together and so powerful. So thank you thank you thank you for the work and passion you put in and ultimately your belief in us.”

Maria Raga, CEO, Depop


increase in company valuation from 2019 – 2021
Revenue Growth 2020-21 to $70M 
with an active network of 
4m buyers and 2m sellers

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