The Transformation

From a domain provider for small businesses

To the global growth partner for everyday entrepreneurs – empowering entrepreneurs everywhere

The Challenge

The brief from the GoDaddy’s CEO and CRO was clear: “How do we expand our product footprint, increase loyalty & advocacy and place our community at the center of our marketing and operations?”

New audience,
huge opportunity

We redefined our audience, from ‘small businesses’ to ‘everyday entrepreneurs’, which was a more inclusive view of entrepreneurship that expanded beyond Silicon Valley. So we created a new rallying cry for them. One that resonated with the world’s entrepreneurs, and became the foundation to build a support system so GoDaddy could champion their needs.

A resonant repositioning

This new positioning made GoDaddy the growth partner for everyday entrepreneurs, giving them a more relevant, emotional role and putting community building and support at the heart of GoDaddy’s operations, giving employees a crystal clear focus. And our brand had a new drive: to make GoDaddy the go-to platform for entrepreneurs around the world.


Increase in consumer 
recommendation propensity 
increase in branded search 2019-2020, reversing years of decline
increase in market cap from 
April 2018 to April 2021 (+55%)

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